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Webinar: Renewables at a crossroads. Ready for the big time?

Philip Whitchelo
16-Feb-2024 14:01:24

Sterling Technology renewables webinar Sep-14-2023

The renewable energy transition is one of the world’s greatest challenges. During this webinar, a fantastic panel of renewables experts share their insights on the latest technology and market trends that are priming the crossover to green energy.

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Topics discussed include:

  • What are the key regulatory, technology and commercial trends driving the renewables market?
  • How do the different renewable technologies compare with each other?
  • What role will emerging renewable energy sources such as green hydrogen, offshore wind and floating solar play in the energy transition?
  • How are M&A and financing activity powering the decarbonisation agenda for both existing and emerging technologies?
  • Are investors attracted by the prospect of link-up projects between renewables and hydrogen?