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Navigating Digital Deals in Life Sciences Part 2 | Information Governance

Philip Whitchelo
16-May-2024 17:25:32

Welcome to the second of five episodes in our podcast series “Digital Deals in Life Sciences – What Makes Them Different?" Transactions involving digital assets are an increasing focus for pharmaceuticals, medical device and medtech companies. In this series, life sciences industry M&A veteran and Sterling Technology board advisor John Easton discusses how digital differ from traditional life science deals, and what both acquiror and target should look out for to increase the chances of deal success, mitigate risks, and avoid failure.


In this second episode, we consider information governance and data privacy: when life science and technology companies decide to partner, they quickly discover that there is an inherent conflict between the demands of good information governance on the one hand, which requires control processes and regulatory compliance, and innovation on the other, which requires freedom. How should acquirers and targets manage the resulting frictions in navigating digital deals? Click below to listen. You can add the podcast series to one of several apps, such as Apple Podcasts, by clicking the "+ Follow" link.

If you want to listen to the first episode - Corporate Culture - please visit our Insights page. You can also learn more by downloading our report which accompanies this podcast series. 👇

Sterling Technology - Navigating Digital Deals in Life Sciences-1

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