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12-Sep-2018 11:24:14

For those of you who have worked with Sterling for many years, you might remember that we started life as a financial printing company in 1988.

From 1988 to 2008, we focused all of our effort into our print services and building relationships with the people that needed them. But, during that time, deals were becoming more and more digital. It became clear we needed to do the same.

In 2009, we launched our first data room. This was our way of keeping up with the shifting needs of our existing client base, and allowed us to be more useful for a larger part of the deal lifecycle. 

A decade’s worth of client feedback later, we are where we are today: an established virtual data room provider, hosting files for some of the world’s biggest deals. One of the most important things we learnt over this period, is that our print and technology businesses were very different and needed individual attention in order to grow them properly. 

In early 2018, we demerged the print and technology businesses. This was to allow Sterling Financial Print to focus on serving its customers in the same great way it had always done, while giving Sterling Technology the opportunity to expand our data room offering. Though we are technically separate companies, we continue to work together very closely.

 After the demerge, with what was effectively a new company, we needed a new brand for three reasons:

  1. We were now a fintech company, and no longer a print business. We didn’t want to forget where we came from, but our branding needed to be relevant to who we were today.
  2. We knew that our financial clients cared more about technology and branding than they used to. Our brand had to compete not only with B2B brands, but with the consumer technologies that our clients use every day.
  3. We needed a brand which was future-proof. Before we went to market in new geographies, grew new partnership opportunities, and launched new products, we needed to build brand foundations that would last for years to come.
As of Monday 3 September 2018, you can see the results of this. A new look for our data rooms, a new website – the changes have been vast. And yet in spite of the changes, what’s more striking is what has stayed the same. The same shareholders, the same team, and the same dedication to security and client service that we had 30 years ago.


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