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Intelligently search and redact confidential and sensitive information live within your Data Room environment.



Since the introduction of GDPR in May 2018 greater controls have been put in place to protect individuals' private information. During due diligence, this confidential and sensitive information is inseparable from the check list of documentation required to be disclosed.

Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive
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Built-in technology

We have innovated a new redaction tool which sits within our data room platform. This gives our clients the ability to redact sensitive information, without the need to download files or run third party software. Sterling Redact is full of time saving smart technology designed to speed up the process, whilst maintaining the highest levels of security within our data room environment.

Key features

  • Smart technology within Sterling Redact will identify and highlight all email addresses and phone numbers for redaction at the click of a button.

  • Full text search functionality will highlight all words ready for review and redaction.

  • Select defined areas for redaction, this can be repeated on any required pages, ideal for bulk redacting footers or logos.

  • A full history of changes is maintained in the side panel for audit purposes and easy restoration.


Highly Secure

Know exactly where your data is at all times. No risk of a third party provider hosting your most confidential information in unknown locations.

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Smart Tools

Search across entire documents to redact confidential information in bulk to speed up you process and save you money.

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