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Clinical trials

The impact of the war in Ukraine on pharmaceutical clinical trials

The impact of the war in Ukraine on the conduct of clinical trials - insights for life sciences companies, investors and healthcare professionals

Both Ukraine and Russia are major centres for international clinical research, with many multinational pharmaceutical clinical trials taking place in these countries. The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the resulting war and sanctions regime have resulted in significant disruption to the conduct of such trials and the availability of medication for trial patients. Download this report from Sterling to discover..

  • How the war in Ukraine is affecting the conduct of clinical trials
  • Regulatory responses to the disruption of clinical trials
  • Actions that trial sponsors are taking to try to mitigate clinical trial disruption
  • The impact of sanctions on Russia
  • The consequences for drug development and access to new medicines for patients

Dr. John Easton - Author
John Easton has 25 years’ experience in a
variety of roles in the life sciences industry,
including in clinical trial management and
14 years working in business development at
AstraZeneca where he led the team responsible
for executing due diligence on acquisitions
and managing asset sales. John has personally
led diligence for deals with an aggregate
value of more than US$40bn. He retired from
AstraZeneca in December 2020 and now
provides advice and consulting services to the
global life sciences industry relating to due
diligence and business development through
SedulusUK Ltd. John is also a Board Advisor
to Sterling Technology, the leading European
provider of premium virtual data room
(VDR) solutions.

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