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New Product Feature: Redaction

Protect your sensitive data with our new redaction tool

This week we're launching a new redaction tool to further support all of our clients with an additional option to protect their sensitive data throughout the due diligence process. 


By integrating the tool within our data rooms allows M&A, legal and advisory professionals to securely manage their due diligence and deals in a fraction of the time. Sterling's latest tool is empowering the seller to fully be in charge of the process; securely manage their documents, bulk redact while maintaining a full history of changes for audit purposes and easy restoration. 

Steve Dobson, Global Sales Director at Sterling said: "innovating and supporting our customers is part of the core of our business aims. We want to play our part by helping those working with our data rooms to automate time consuming tasks while ensuring compliance and security at every step on the way." 

Our data rooms are designed with all our users in mind. If you have any questions, please contact our experts at