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Buyside User Management

New Product Feature - delegate new user creation to your buyside teams

We always look at ways to innovate and develop great technology. The ideas for our roadmap however aren’t thought up in the board room, they are designed based on feedback from our clients.

Following a successful M&A project, a debrief session with JP Morgan gave us valuable insight into some user experience ideas. One of these ideas was adding buyside users. It’s a small enough task to invite users in, but when it’s scaled up to the numbers often seen on large auction processes, staying on top of it can become drag on time and resources.

Taking this onboard, we have released a new feature available for all our clients – Buyside User Management. This feature enables deal administrators to easily delegate responsibilities to selected members of the buyside, enabling them to create new users for their teams. New users must be verified by a deal administrator before they can gain access, maintaining the strict controls over admittance.

The new feature removes the requirement for deal administrators to request user lists up front from their buyer teams and takes them out of the loop when new people are required to be added. In delegating this responsibility to each of the buyside teams, it spreads out the amount of responsibility for any one party and will speed things up.

In releasing Buyside User Management we are confident it is in line with our strategic aims of saving our clients time and simplifying their process. 

Our data rooms are designed with all our users in mind. If you have any questions, please contact our experts at