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New product feature: drag and drop

Continuing our mission to make life easier for our customers, we have launched a new, sought-after document upload feature to our data rooms. Our award-winning virtual data room now allows you to drag and drop your files directly into the platform.

Drag and Drop Update

The speed and ease of uploading your information to your virtual data room (VDR) should be one of the key considerations when choosing your technology partner. We have multiple methods of achieving this to provide the maximum flexibility and convenience. We shall explore those options here:

Drag and drop

The simplest method for uploading documents is to drag and drop. Our clients are able to drag individual files or entire folder structures from their desktops directly into the live VDR. For added ease we have drag and drop enabled within the VDR for moving and reordering files. Benchmarked for speed against industry leading products our Drag and Drop tool is faster on both large files and high numbers of files.

ZIP files
For our most organised clients who have created an offline file structure with their folders and files in perfect order we have our ZIP file upload tool. Simply create a ZIP of your existing file structure, right click and select, then unzip and sit back as your folder structure is recreated on your VDR.

Bulk Tool
Our drag and drop tool is speed tested, but all browser based upload tools are subject to limits. Where our clients are planning on uploading huge data sets we recommend using our offline Bulk upload tool. Deal managers are able to download this tool from the VDR and a replica of the index is created within a ZIP file on their desktops. From this area it is possible to drag and drop huge data sets, rename, reorganise and then simply hit run upload. This will take the documents from our client’s servers directly onto ours and bypasses any limits.

Box Integration
We like to make things as smooth and easy as possible for our clients. For customers working with as their internal file repository, we have a direct connection between the platforms and you are able to push documents directly through without the need to download and upload. This synchronisation tool utilises our open API and means we are able to be the most flexible technology partner for our clients.

For added speed and convenience we have listened to the feedback from our clients on how they often work in practice in the heat of battle. New files are sometimes emailed from one party to another for them to quickly upload publish. We have a solution. Every VDR has it’s own email inbox and address. For deal managers it is possible to forward attachments directly to this address and the attachments will be uploaded directly to the VDR saving time and effort especially when on the move.


Are index numbers applied?
Yes. We automatically apply index numbers to documents uploaded.

Are documents watermarked?
Yes. We virus check and apply dynamic watermarks to all documents in line with deal managers requirements.

Are documents searchable?
Unlike other VDR providers, we apply OCR (optical character recognition) to all documents uploaded. This includes scanned images and in practice all documents are full text searchable and not just pre-distilled PDFs.

Do documents automatically go live?
We have a final approval step before any document goes live to external parties. Uploading, renaming and reordering files can make fundamental changes to the permission settings our clients want to apply. We present an automatic summary of all changes made during a session, which require approval before going live. This gives the comfort that our clients can double check this vital work.

Our data rooms are designed with all our users in mind. If you have any questions, please contact our experts at