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Time saving data room features

If you're looking to save even more time in your VDR, then this is the guide for you! 

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Key takeaways

  • VDRs are completely customisable 
  • The support team can set up features for you
  • Report insights help you stay one step ahead 

Speak to the customer support team
We have a dedicated project management team that’s available to you 24/7/365. They will be your secret weapon throughout your projects saving you countless hours and enabling you to focus on your deal. Their average tenure is over 6 years, and their experience is invaluable in speeding tasks along and making the most from all the features.

Redaction features
In-built automated redaction allows you to instantly redact all commercially and individually sensitive information directly from within your data room index. This will save countless hours in uploading and downloading documents as your deal progresses and the redaction requirements change.

Drag and drop
There are multiple smart tools designed for uploading content to your data room. The simplest of these is our Drag and Drop function. It enables you to upload entire folder structures directly from your local drive and is speed tested against industry peers to ensure it continues to be the fastest method available.

Everything in your data room is tracked, leaving a digital footprint enabling you can gain insights into anything you’d like. If you need a weekly report containing the same parameters of information, you can save and it will be ready for you every time you log in… right down to seeing who spent how much time on each page! All this is available on desktop and via our mobile app.

Filtering documents
You can easily see which documents you have and have not already viewed. It may sound simple, but keeping track of which documents you have viewed allows you to easily tick things off your due diligence list. Filtering also enables you to see documents added by date range or last login cutting down the time spent searching for the relevant files.

Full search function
Everything is in your data room is full text searchable – even poorly scanned images. You can search the entire data room at once or refine by folder or within any document individually. Advanced search tools allow you dig deeper even deeper around your search criteria.

Deciding who to trust with your most confidential, sensitive data is one of the key considerations when selecting a data room provider. We are GDPR compliant, ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials certified and offer choices over server locations. By ticking all the boxes for your compliance requirements we save you any unnecessary back and forth at the outset.

Our Q&A tool has many time saving devices making it the fastest and most secure method to manage communications during a data room project. Here we will focus on one that isn’t widely known. The Q&A module is compatible with excel. This means generating reports is easy, but the biggest advantage is that users are able to bulk upload questions and answers removing the need for deal managers to copy and paste cumbersome files they are handed.