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Part 1: collating your data into the VDR

In this series we'll walk you through the basics of best practice in your VDR. This part talks about collating your data in the data room.

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Key takeaways

  • Spend time preparing to populate your VDR
  • Use the Sterling support team 
  • Create an index inline with your DDQ

PE-backed companies are typically well-prepared, as are companies who have been through this process before. Here are our tips and tricks on collating your information before you upload it into the data room. So you can be organised while you deal with incoming requests from external parties.

Where do I start?
The first thing to think about is the information your bidders are likely to ask you for. Most should have a due diligence questionnaire (DDQ) that they’ll work through. If you’re unsure you should ask your advisor for a previous example of this list. The example will quickly give you a picture of what might be asked, and help you to start collating your information.

Top tip! It might be an idea to have your folder structure aligned to the DDQ example.

How do I collate my data?
We will provide you with what is known as a ‘preparation period’. This time should be used to start uploading documents into the VDR so that you can be ready to invite bidders at the drop of a hat.

Once you’ve got all of your documents in a single location, you can simply bulk upload them with a single click into your data room. If you already have all your information in once place -congratulations! You’re one of the prepared ones.

If you’re not yet at this stage and you already have your VDR in motion, we’d recommend creating an index that is aligned with the DDQ or a structure that your advisors have suggested.

The next step is to thinking about who should have access to certain folders. For example, you might want to enable your HR director to upload documents into the HR folder but restrict their access to the finance folder.

Top tip! Ask your customer service team for a report that shows you any gaps in your structure, this will help you to quickly follow-up with the individuals who haven’t uploaded their information into the room yet.

What if I can’t log into the VDR to upload documents?
Don’t panic! If you have the document to hand you can simply attach it to an e-mail and send it to your project e-mail address. It will be uploaded right away to the data room for you. We always try to ease any pressure, and our customer service team can take care of problems like this for you - so that you can focus on running your business.