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01-Feb-2019 12:35:09

We are excited to announce the opening of our newest international office in Stockholm, Sweden.

Leading the charge is Christian Tamm, a native Stockholmer with more than a decade’s worth of B2B tech sales experience. When he’s not on the hunt for new business, you’ll find Christian spending time with his wife and two young children, enjoying a round of golf, sailing, or – if he thinks no one’s listening – playing the guitar. Here’s what he’s got to say about joining Sterling.

Christian, you’ve been working in the virtual data room industry for a while. What do you enjoy so much about it?

I really enjoy supplying something essential in a very high-stakes game. Then for me, it’s all about the people. Everyone in the M&A community is friendly and open-minded, and I love being part of it.

What’s happening in the Nordic market at the moment? Why is it particularly interesting? 

There’s been a steady growth in M&A activity in the region for a number of years. As the number of deals grow, so do the demands clients place on their data rooms. Compared to when I started out in the industry, clients are – quite rightfully – expecting a lot more from the technology they use. That’s why it’s such a good time for a boutique vendor like Sterling to quickly adapt to these new demands and to win a lot of new business.

 That leads nicely to the last question, why did you want to join Sterling?

Honestly, I thought if you can’t beat them – join them. In my time in the industry, I have always heard great things about Sterling. In the Nordics especially, it’s a great time to be in a company that can provide a really bespoke level of service. Plus, the team here are excellent and it’s a culture I wanted to be part of.

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