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Creating Value from Non-Core Divestments

Mike Taylor
09-Feb-2021 11:15:58

With recent macro-economic pressures impacting company balance sheets across many industries, Corporate M&A and strategy teams have their hands full in delivering value to their stakeholders.

As a result, many companies are now taking a fresh look at their operational portfolios, trying to understand how they should look going forward.

Disposing of Non-core assets, a normal practice for corporate M&A teams, is now a more pressurised then ever and consequently, tough decisions are needed in order to protect bottom lines and the future of many businesses.

These decisions can be difficult to make at the best of times, but one thing is always true. Better information means better decisions.

With company data often spread across the organization, on various machines and multiple platforms, that process of identifying assets for Non-Core disposal is often slower and less informed than it should be.

By using a Sterling Virtual Data Room for the corporate strategic review, the correct information is to hand for all to see.

Internal teams, and external advisors can align quicker on a central corporate repository and confident decisions are made faster.

Like all transactions, being swift and agile are key drivers to maximising asset value. That’s why Sterling can have your VDR “market ready” after your strategic review in a matter of hours.

You can go to market at your chosen moment, smoothly, with no fuss.

The due diligence phase of any transaction can hoard your time and resource. Providing evidence of a viable asset’s story is critical to a deal’s success and value, and we know this objective can divert other core business resources - but your business needs attention. The solution then, is to ensure the deal is efficient and organised.


With Sterling’s fully managed VDR service, we take all the VDR administration away, allowing your management and deal teams to allocate their attention to where it is needed the most - on the business and on closing the deal.